Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jackson's 47 Week Pictures!

I'm finally caught up on getting his weekly photo posted. I can't believe he'll already be 48 weeks/11 months old this Thursday! Only 1 more month til he's one. :-(

Jackson is getting so big. We have already had to move up the straps on his big boy car-seat and he can reach things you would never think he could reach. Its so amazing how fast he is growing.

He's wearing mostly size 18-24 month clothes and he's kind of in an in between size for shoes. He's a little too big for 4's but a little too small for most 5's still. Thankfully my mom found a pair of white Adidas tennis shoes (at a Once Upon a Child store for only $8) in a size 5 that fit him great and were in perfect condition.☺

I noticed yesterday that he's getting another tooth. I can see the white coming through already. He has all 4 bottom/middle teeth and he has 3 of the 4 top/middle teeth. The tooth that is coming through now is the 4th /top tooth (the tooth next to his left/middle top tooth).

He started (sort of) doing Patty Cake this week. We will sing the entire song and he'll just look at us and not do any of the motions, but as soon as the song is over he will clap and say yay! Ha, its pretty cute!


Holly said...

I love the football background this week. :)

And I can't believe that Jackson is wearing 24 months... Him and Olive are just the chunkiest of friends. :)

Melissa said...

He is getting so big! I know I have been MIA lately but Im back now :) I love your new blog design!

Marianne said...

He is sooooo sweet! Yay for teeth! :D