Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Explore St. Louis: Missouri Botanical Garden

Back in May, we made our annual visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden here in St. Louis. My Mom, Sister and I go every year and take the kids. It's so pretty and a lot of fun. They have a children's garden which is where we spent a majority of our time this year. We also fed the Koi Fish in the Japanese Garden, which is my favorite part of the garden. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

 (Of course, we had to get a picture with the cake.)

The children's garden has slides,

A big boat,

a little stream to play with boats in,

a splash pad,

and a little grocery store among many other things.

There is a place in the Children's Garden where you can go inside and play with legos, dress up in different costumes, color and play in tents.

An old carriage outside of the children's garden.

Feeding the Koi Fish.

Jackson just adores his cousin Landon. :-)

We saw this home for bees as we were walking through the garden. I am terrified of bees, but it's cool to see so many of them from a distance.

A few pretty flowers in the garden. Since we spent a majority of our time in the Children's Garden I didn't get too many pictures of the flowers like I normally do.

We had a great day, and as always, I'm already looking forward to our next visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden.