Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Arizona/California Vacation: Day 3 (Disneyland Park) Part 1

Day 3 of our vacation was spent entirely at the Disneyland park! It was truly a magical day for me, probably in my top 10 days of my life! I love Disney and have dreamed of taking my kids there. It was everything I hoped for and we had a GREAT day!

We got up early Friday morning and checked out of our hotel. They agreed to hold our luggage until we picked it up that night after leaving the park! (Everyone is so nice at Disney) We walked over to the park and got there just a few minutes before they opened. 

We went straight for Fantasy-land after entering and got in line for the Dumbo ride. Since we were there in the off-season, we never waited more than about 25 minutes in line and since we were there right as they opened, we were able to get through a few of the rides that morning, only waiting 5 minutes or less!

When we got off the Dumbo ride, my MIL was waiting for us to say she found Peter Pan for us to take Jackson's picture with!!

Next we spotted Captain Hook. Jackson wasn't quite as willing to stand next to him for a picture, so Jake hopped in it as well. :-)

Next Jackson and Jim rode the carousel. :-)

And then my MIL, Jackson and I rode the Teacups, one of my very favorite rides. As you can see, Jackson loved it too.

After getting off the teacups, we spotted Alice and the Mad Hatter! Jackson wasn't crazy about taking his picture with them, so I hopped in this one. :-)

Then we rode several other rides in Fantasy-land and Storybook-land. One thing I was very sad about was that "It's a Small World" was closed for refurbishment. I guess that's what we get for going in the off-season, but I was so disappointed. :-( This ride below was the Storybook Land Canal Boats.

Next we stopped for a drink and a snack... popcorn!!

Then we headed over to Toon Town, which was the highlight of the day I'd say! I'm actually going have to save that for another post because it was just that cool and I have so many more pictures to share that it would end up being a super super long post. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll post the rest next week!