Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Weekend in Pictures

I finally got around to editing my photos today from our weekend. As I said on Friday, it was a busy one. 

Friday night we went to the Cardinals vs. Royals game at Busch Stadium. I ended up just taking my little point and shoot camera, however, I hadn't used it in a while and didn't realize that the battery was almost dead. :-( So I only got about 3 pictures with it. Thank goodness for phones with cameras!

Inside Busch Stadium.

My sweet boy at his first baseball game. He was not a fan of the loud clapping and cheering.

The Cardinals Dug-Out.

Having a cold one at the game. ☺

Busch Stadium with the Arch in the background.

Jackson at the game.

My little family of 3 at the game!

Then Saturday, we worked out in the yard and then Jackson and I went with my parents, my sister and her boys, to our cousin's wedding.

The Bride and Groom.

This is a picture of all of our cousins on my Dad's side of the family.
My cousin Brandi, my cousin Chelsey, my sister Ashlee holding her son Mason, myself and Jackson, my cousin Wesley (the groom), my cousin Brice holding his new baby Dallas, my sister's son Landon, Wesley's son Brayden and then Brandi's daughter Kinley.

Jackson sitting on his Great-Grandpa's lap. (My Dad's Dad)

Then Sunday was Father's Day! We went to church that morning where Jake won the prize for being the youngest dad! After church we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for appetizers. For some odd reason, we didn't get a lot of pictures that day, unfortunately. I didn't even really get a picture of Jake and Jackson together. :-( But these are some of the pictures I did take that day.

Mason and Jackson playing by the front door.

Jackson ♥

Jackson loves my Dad's giant cup.

The only picture I got of Jake and Jackson that day. 

Mason standing at the table with no hands!

The babies had a wrestling match, LOL. Jackson did not like being pinned down. Ha.

Where's Mason??

There he is!!

 My aunt Karla swinging Jackson. He loved it.

After hanging out at my Aunt and Uncles house, we all went to dinner and then Jake and I headed home for the evening. 

We had a great weekend! Looking forward to another great weekend coming up. We are heading to Kansas City on Friday morning to attend Jake's cousin's wedding. It must be wedding season!!