Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jackson's First School Christmas Program

I know, I know, it's January 13th and I'm just now getting around to posting this from December 14th, but I did want to at least make mention of Jackson's first Christmas Program at school.  

I had been really talking up this Christmas Program because I knew there was a chance he would be shy and not want to go on stage. Lately he's been telling us before we go somewhere "my gonna be shy" or "my not gonna be shy" Ha! So since he's always shy to go into his class, I knew he might be too shy to sing on stage in front of a very packed church.

Well, it was worse than I thought. The church was full and when I say full, I mean there were people having to stand because all the seats were taken! Then they made the kids walk down the center aisle to get up on the stage. As soon as Jackson saw me, it was over. He started crying and wanted to sit with me. :-( Poor buddy. I did manage to get him to go up on the stage, but he just sat there and cried (along with several other of his classmates). So needless to say, the teacher eventually brought him down with her and after a little while, Jake went up there to try and convince Jackson to head back up onto the stage. Jake said he promised him all kinds of stuff but Jackson had made up his mind... he was DONE!!

(I felt so bad for him up there.)

So Jackson's first School Christmas Program didn't quite go as we had hoped, but here's to hoping he's NOT shy next year. ;-)