Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Valentines Day 2019

We had a great Valentines Day this year.

You can find Jackson's shirt here, and Avery's dress here.

We started it off with Avery's Valentines Day party at Dance Class on Tuesday, 2/12. She was able to bring Valentines treats for everyone so she brought Princess suckers and Valentines day cards for her class. She was so excited.

Then, Avery had her Valentines Day Party at school on 2/13. She had LOL Surprise Doll Valentines to pass out and she had a Mermaid Valentines Day box. So cute!

Jackson had his Valentines Day party at school on 2/14 and he passed out Jurassic World Valentines and he had a Rocket Ship Valentines Day box! Also, very cute!

The weather on Valentines Day was beautiful and around 60 degrees, so the kids played outside with the neighbors for a little while when we got home and my mom made a very yummy post roast for dinner!

Saturday afternoon Jake and I dropped the kids off at Grandma's house and he and I went to see a movie and to dinner and then met up with some friends afterwards for drinks. It was a great night out. ♥
Sunday morning we had a Valentines Day breakfast at church and we all passed out treats for everyone! We started this tradition last year and it was so much fun that we did it again this year! To say we have an over-abundance of candy and sweets at our house would be an understatement! Ugh, not great for the diet. Ha.

So that's how we celebrated Valentines Day this year! It was great! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day as well. ♥