Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Girl Update

We had our 18 Week Ultrasound yesterday afternoon and everything looked great! She's growing really well and looks very healthy! She is even measuring a week ahead of schedule. We could see she has chubby little legs already. Ha! 

 I just love getting to see the baby moving all around. She even had the hiccups at one point and she was very active, though I can't feel a lot of her kicks yet. I found out yesterday, I have an anterior placenta. Meaning the placenta is between her and I and it acts like a cushion for all her kicks. It's very common and as she gets a little bigger, I should be able to feel her moving around more.

This would have normally been the ultrasound we would have found out the gender of the baby, had we not cheated and found out a little early at a 15 week elective ultrasound. :-) The technician yesterday did affirm that we are in fact, having a sweet little girl though! :-) Yay!

So all is going well and the baby is doing great!! We couldn't be happier and are so excited to meet her in just a few more months! Now if we could ever come up with a name for the poor girl. ;-)