Sunday, July 29, 2012

Homes on Mackinac Island

I wanted to share some pictures I took of the beautiful homes on Mackinac Island. They didn't really fit in with any of my other posts, so I thought I'd do a separate post on just the homes. Most of these pictures are of private summer homes. But I also added in a few homes that have been turned into little inns or B&B's.

Many of them are Victorian Style and many of them are very big! The yards are kept immaculately and the flowers are just gorgeous. These are all just private homes (probably summer homes) on the island.

Then these homes have been turned into B&B's or hotels.

This is the Inn on Mackinac Island

There were smaller cottage style homes on the island as well and even some condo buildings, but even the condos were rather expensive.  There were a couple realty companies on Market Street that posted pictures and prices of some of the real estate on the island. Lets just say, these bigger homes are well over $1 million and even the smaller, one room (not one bedroom, but one room!) condo's were around $179,000. So real estate on the island is rather expensive, but beautiful nonetheless!