Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with April today for Five on Friday!

 Happy Friday everyone! I'm living the single parent life this weekend while Jake is out of town on a golf trip with some friends of his. He left yesterday morning and will be home Sunday afternoon. So far it's going fine, but I'm sure by Sunday, we'll all be pretty happy to see Daddy walk through the door. :-) Jackson is already complaining that it's taking too long for Daddy to come home. Poor buddy.

I have 2 photo sessions this weekend on top of it (thank goodness for Grandparents) and they are both way out of my comfort zone!! The one tomorrow evening is a 2 year old session along with her 3 month old twin brothers!! I've taken little Millie's photos twice before (check out her 1 year old session here), but I've never photographed twins before! Should be pretty interesting. Then my session on Sunday is Wedding Portraits at a city roof top location! I don't do wedding photography, but she just wanted a few wedding portraits done between her ceremony and reception so I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. It should be beautiful but I'm a nervous wreck!!!

 I'm in an "Outfit of the Day" Facebook group and I'm loving it. After being pregnant and having babies, fashion hasn't exactly been a top priority for me. In fact it was extremely low on the list. But after signing up for Stitch Fix and taking a more vested interest in my building back my wardrobe, I'm actually having a lot of fun with it. It seems as though leopard print is all the rage for Fall this year so I decided to join the fun and bought these Leopard Emmies from Lucky Brand. They were on sale and so super cute! I'm not really an animal print kind of girl, but I thought I'd give these a try. :-)

I'm so excited that the new Cinderella movie is out on DVD finally. I wanted so badly to see it in the theaters, but never found the time to go. The kids and I may be going over to my mother-in-law's house to watch it tonight. Cinderella is my all time favorite and I can't wait to see this movie!! 

And lastly, I saw this comment this morning on a blog post one of my all time favorite blogs: Under the Sycamore. It's such good advice that I want to save it for a reminder for years to come. I thought you all might relate to it as well. :-)

“Our oldest son is 22, graduated from college, and moved across the country for a job. Our middle two are in college, and our youngest is a freshman in high school. I would tell my younger self to remember to nurture my marriage more — in the midst of the craziness of 4 young children, we should have gone on more dates! Keep talking with your spouse, keep finding things you enjoy doing together and make the time to do them so years down the road when the kids are gone, you will still have many common interests. Spend tons of time with your kids, all through their growing up years, especially their teen years, and then spend more time with them. All too soon, they are 18, and they leave for college, leaving you wishing you had spent more time with each of them, played more games of cards, gone for more walks together, talked more, etc. Pursue your interests, yes, but spend as much time as possible cherishing your children by giving them the gift of your time and loving attention. As parents of kids your age say to new parents of babies, they grow so soon…treasure this baby stage. Well, treasure this stage of your children’s lives, be fully present, take the time, slow down and stop rushing to get the to do list done because it never leaves. The kids do. That’s what I would tell my younger self.” ~ Kathy

Have a great weekend everyone!