Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our House ~ Basement

So last but not least... our basement. The basement of this house was a huge selling point. Half the basement is finished and half is storage/laundry. It has a section of the finished part that was sectioned off  (perfect for a scrapbooking room!!). They used it more for a weight lifting area, but its now my wonderful scrapbooking room. The other portion of the finished part is our family room. We love this part of our house and spend a lot of time down there. The previous owners finished it, but didn't do a great job. The walls were just painted white and the trim was mismatched and stained different colors. It looked pretty bad. However it was carpeted on the one section and had hard wood on the other, which was perfect. I love this carpet because its really stain resisitant. So all we had to do was paint the walls and put up new white trim all around. The white six panel door was already there, but we took it down and repainted it. My husband is a HUGE K.C. Chiefs fan, so thats why we decided to decorate the family room the way we did. He spends countless hours on Sundays in front of the big screen watching football. :-) Thanks for looking...

The stairs before we did any work in the basement. The previous owners had carpeted the stairs, which is really nice. But the walls are still white here.

The basement stairs now after painting. I painted the walls in the basement a gray color, but it ended up being more of a bluish gray.

When you walk down the stairs (from the upper left hand corner of this picture), you walk into whats now my scrapbook room, but this is what it looked like while the previous owners lived there. They built a little half wall to separate this section of he basement from the family room, which we had to repaint and replace the trim.

And here is that space now!! My dad built the table and put the counter and cabinets in for me. He was able to get the cabinets for free when he was tearing out a basement for a client of his. The previous owners had this piece of countertop in the unfinished part, so we used it to go over the cabinets. So I got both things for free!!! He also built my cricut cartridge shelf for me and put in a couple new electrical outlets over the counter. I absolutely love this room!!!

And this is our family room side while the previous owners lived there.

And here it is now...

This is the other table that we got from Quiznos for free. The red top went with the decor down here, but I re-covered the cushions.

The mini fridge with the picture of Arrowhead stadium above it.

The fuzeball table.

My parents got new furniture the same year we moved here so they gave us their old furniture for our basement. I also had this futon, so we used it all to give plenty of seating for our super bowl parties. :-)

This is the couch my parents gave us. The colors didn't totally go, but I added in the red pillows and throw to bring more of the red in. I did the same thing with the loveseat and chair. The frames above the couch are of scrapbook pages I made involving our 3 different chiefs games we've been to.

This picture is from the wall with the t.v. on it.

The 61 inch bigscreen. Jake just had to have this t.v. and it is nice for watching football and movies. The two black shelves I had in my old room at home, so they worked out great for in here.

The door in this picture leads to the unfinished part where the storage and laundry are.