Thursday, January 24, 2013

Having SNOW Much Fun!

We haven't gotten much snow this Winter season, and what little snow we have gotten, we haven't had much time to play in it. However, this past Tuesday, I was off work and much to my surprise, (and I think everyone else's in St. Louis) it snowed! It wasn't much, probably not even an inch, but it was just enough to get a few minutes of playtime in with Jackson. 

I was cleaning the house that morning when I looked out and saw that it was snowing, so I opened the blinds for Jackson to take a look.

While it snowed for a little while longer, I put Jackson down for a nap and got ready for a Dr. appt. I had later that day.

I rarely get any pictures of him napping, so I snuck a couple while he was sleeping. 

 After his nap, I bundled him up and took him outside for a few minutes to play in the snow. Needless to say, he loved it and didn't want to go back in. ☺