Thursday, August 20, 2009

U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp Layouts

I started working on a book of my husband's bootcamp pictures a couple weekends ago. Back in 2004 he joined the Marines and went through the boot camp portion of it. He was in a delayed entry program where he went through boot camp and then went through 4 years of college and then he was supposed to go active. Well things didn't work out and he ended up getting discharged from the Marines sometime after bootcamp, but I know he was proud of finishing the 13 weeks of bootcamp, so I thought I would make a scrapbook of it to keep this stuff safe. We weren't together while he was away at boot camp, but his mom went to the graduation, so she took lots of pictures and he had some certificates and stuff for the book, so I went and got the Stand and Salute Cart. cause I knew it would be perfect for this. There are more layouts to come but here are the first few that I have finished. TFL.