Monday, September 3, 2012

Football Season... Ugh!

I'm pretty sure I need this sign for my house! Ha.

The dreaded football season has begun. My husband eats, sleeps and breaths football from the months of August to February. Wait, who am I kidding, its really all year round. It just gets taken up about 100 notches during football season. 

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going to a good football game every now and again. But jeez! 

- We have to pay extra for NFL Sunday ticket during football season because we don't live in the city where Jake's team plays. I've mentioned before that he's a Kansas City Chiefs fan, however, we live in St. Louis. So they usually don't televise the Chiefs games here because they show the Rams games.

- He's also into fantasy football. So not only does he watch it on t.v., he also spends hours on the computer planning out his fantasy teams. He's involved in 3 fantasy leagues this year! I guess one wasn't enough. The other night he spent the entire evening on the computer because of one of his league drafts!!

- Then there's the Sunday afternoon games where I don't see him the whole day! And God forbid the Chiefs lose a game. Ha. I really need to video him one day while he's watching football. I've never seen someone get so excited! You always know if its a good game in our house because you can hear him from downstairs screaming and going crazy. On the flip side, you know its a bad game when you hear silence. LOL.

- And if all that isn't bad enough, guess what I fall asleep to most evenings?... Sports Center. Or some sort of sports show where we have to watch high lights or predictions of what the team will do the next game. So boring!!

I love my husband. He works hard, is a wonderful father and helps out around the house, so I don't get too upset about any of this, but I just wonder how many of you other wives go through this every football season?? Please tell me I'm not the only one. ☺