Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday

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So I've talked a little bit about how my dad has built us a new, second bathroom in our basement. He just finished it about a week ago and we're loving it! Our house originally just had one bathroom and with the way the market is right now, we new selling our house with only one bathroom someday, might be somewhat hard. So we decided to bite the bullet and add a second bathroom to our basement. Half of our basement is finished and half is laundry and storage. So my dad, being the amazing guy that he is, built us a second bathroom into our unfinished basement, from scratch, with a door from the finished part.. There was no plumbing or anything for the bathroom! He did such an amazing job and we absolutely love it!
Let me start by saying, these pictures really don't do it justice at all. I took them with my phone, so they just don't show how nice it really is. Once its decorated and our basement is put back together, I'll take some better pictures and add them to the "Our Home" portion of the "Our Story" tab at the top of my blog.

Here are the doors from the finished part of our basement. (To see what our basement looked like before, you can click here.) The door on the right leads to the unfinished part of our basement and the door on the left is for the bathroom.

Our pretty new bathroom!

Now that the bathroom is done downstairs, we can move on to moving the office downstairs and then finally get to painting and decorating the nursery. Right now my dad is building a closet in the unfinished part of our basement so Jake can have a closet. Our closets are small in this house so Jake has always used the closet in the office. Since that will now belong to Baby Girl, he needed somewhere to go with his clothes. So since the downstairs bathroom is essentially Jake's new bathroom, my dad is building him a closet down there too. :-) Once that's done, which should be in the next couple days, we can start moving the office downstairs and then start on the nursery. I can't wait!! With all that being said, I think I've finally narrowed down exactly the look I want for the nursery. Here is a little mood board I've put together! I can't wait to finally get started on it.

 Last week we traveled to Phoenix to visit a friend! We had a great time!! It was so nice to get away from this frigid cold and snow and relax in the sunshine! Here are just a few pictures from our trip. I hope to do a more detailed post later next week.

Jackson's first plane ride. We flew out Wednesday, early and thankfully Jackson slept a majority of the flight! He did great.

Landing in Phoenix.

Thursday was spent sight seeing around Phoenix. First we went to the Deer Valley Rock Art Center to see some Petroglyphs.

 Then we went to the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Friday, we drove to Tombstone!

Saturday, our friend Jim had a BBQ and invited some of his closest friends. We spent the day outside on his beautiful back patio and then spent the evening by a fire he built. It was a very relaxing day. Jackson even fell asleep outside by the fire. :-)

Sunday, Jake and Jim went to the Phoenix Open (a Golf Tournament), so Jake's mom and I took Jackson to the Phoenix Zoo! We had a great time.

Jackson mooing like the cow! Ha.

Then Monday we left early and flew home to the ice box that is St. Louis right now. :-( We had a great trip!

I think this little outfit is so adorable!! I'm pretty sure Baby Girl needs this once we finally pick a name.

Speaking of baby girl names, we are narrowing it down even more. There are just about 2 or 3 names in the runnings now. I think it's narrowed down to Lyla, Harper or Ellie. I hope to have a name announcement soon. I promise to let you know as soon as we know. :-)

And that's it for this long and very random post! I hope you all have a super great weekend.