Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Ear Infection

For the last week or so Jackson has had a runny nose. He's been super hard to put to sleep and has been a little crabby at times. Then Sunday at church, I noticed him pulling at his ears. :-(

I was off work yesterday, so I got him into see the pediatrician first thing in the morning and sure enough, he has an ear infection in both ears. So she put him on an antibiotic for the fourth time this year. :-(

I hate that he's had so many ear infections. The pedi. said some kids are just more prone to ear infections. She said its just a matter of anatomy. Some people's ears drain better than others.

So hopefully this antibiotic works and he's feeling better in a day or two. I stayed home with him today to cuddle him and take care of him. Plus we neither one got much sleep last night. :-( The good thing is he is old enough for advil now and that seems to work much better than tylenol, so he seems to feel better as long as he has the advil in his system. I just hate to see him in pain. I really hope he feels better soon. 

My view today, while at home with my poor sick little boy.