Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Avery's First Haircut

Avery had her first haircut on Monday morning and she did so great!! 

I take Jackson to a hair salon for kids called The Hairy Elephant. It is SO cute and he loves going to get his hair cut there. They have cars that the kids sit in while getting their hair cut and each station has it's own t.v. and DVD player. We've been going there for around 2 years now and have had the same sweet hair stylist from the beginning. 

Avery goes with us to get Jackson's hair cut, so she was pretty familiar with the routine. She's sat in the cars and our stylist, Rebecca, has even sprayed her hair down, brushed it, put some curling gel in it and put a little hair clip in to get her used to it. Avery sat really still for that and seemed to really enjoy it, so I was really hopeful that her first hair-cut would go well. 

I just wanted to get it shaped up. Nothing major, just a healthy trim. I was even a little hesitant to do it at all because I absolutely adore her curls and was worried cutting her hair would cause the curls to go away. Rebecca assured me a little healthy trim wouldn't cause them to go away and in fact, I think the cut actually might have made her hair curlier. :-)

Avery chose Doc McStuffins for her movie and sat proudly in the white golf cart. :-) She let Rebecca put a pink cape on her and sat still the entire time. The only time she ever complained was when I stepped away to answer a question for Jackson. As long as I was standing there next to her, she was happy. She even got to pick two butterfly clips, one for her hair and one to take home. She picked a pink one and a purple one. :-) 

At the end, they took her picture and gave her a certificate for her first hair-cut, along with a few curls attached as a keepsake!