Thursday, March 21, 2013

Handmade Paper Bunting

When I saw this super cute paper bunting over at Rebecca's Blog (, I thought, I have to try and make one for myself. It seemed simple and easy to make, and it was just that... Simple and Easy!!

 I asked Jake if he had an old book he didn't care about anymore, and he did. ☺ So I cut out 18 pages from the book and cut the margins off the sides. I took 1 page and folded it in half and cut a triangle out of the bottom. I then used it as a template for all the rest of my pages. 

I used my cricut and "Make the Cut" software to cut out 9 hearts in each color of cardstock I was using. (These colors match our living room, which is where I planned to hang the bunting.)

After I had all the pages cut and the hearts glued on, I folded a little tab at the top for the paper to fold over the baker's twine I was using to hang the bunting up with.

Then I glued all 18 pages onto the baker's twine. (I guessed at how many pages I would need and thankfully I had just the right amount. How often does that happen??) (Rebecca stapled her pages to the twine and I see now that that is a better idea. Mine are already coming un-glued. I will be going back and stapling them.)

So here's my finished product!! I am really loving it! 

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