Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Shopping

Ever since I found out our little peanut is a boy, all I've wanted to do is shop, shop, shop!!! Here are some things I have picked out to buy our little Jackson, but haven't been able to purchase just yet.

I had girl and boy bedding picked out and since we know we're having a boy now, this is the bedding I plan to get for him.

The car seat and stroller set I'm eying.

Matching Diaper Bag I'd like to have.

The high chair I'm liking.

The style of crib I'd like to get.

Cute Bouncer

These are the bigger things I have in mind. There are tons of smaller things I want and need. I feel slightly overwelmed by all the things I'll need before Jackson gets here. But I know we'll get it all done in time. I'm hoping to get a lot of the smaller things and maybe even some of the bigger things at my showers. :-)

I did do a little clothes shopping this past weekend and got some really cute sleepers for Jackson. Its hard to find long sleeves and pants this time of year, but Target had a lot of really cute sleepers with long sleeves. I was also able to get Jackson's whole going home outfit; hat blanket and all. :-) And Carters had the perfect little puppy blankie for him on clearance... so I bought two, just in case he would ever lose one. :-) Here's a picture of his going home outfit.

I found a different hat for him to wear that is blue and has a puppy face on it, very similar to the puppy on the bib. My mom got him some little brown puppy slippers that I think are cuter than the ones that came with the outfit, so he's going to wear those with it. 

His cute little blankie!!