Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Hall Closet

I decided to do a little spring cleaning project over the weekend and clean out our hall closet. We have very few cabinets in our kitchen, so this hall closet has to be both a linen closet and a pantry. 

We also keep a few tools in there and some extra medicine and bathroom toiletries that won't fit in our tiny bathroom. 

So since this closet stores many different types of things, it sometimes becomes messy and so unorganized that it just makes me crazy!

So I'd been wanting to organize it for a few weeks now, but hadn't found the time to do it. Saturday, while Jackson was napping, I made time to organize it and I'm so glad I did! 

 I tried to organize it so that all the bathroom overflow was on one shelf, food was on its own shelf and so on. I had an old paper box lid that had batteries, light-bulbs and all sorts of other junk just thrown in it. It was impossible to find anything without digging through all the junk. So I decided I would get a set of the plastic drawers and organize the batteries and little things in those for easy access. :-) They really make it so much easier to find things. I may have to end up getting another set. I also bought hooks for the inside of the door, to hand the mop and broom on. Unfortunately the mop wouldn't fit right on the hook, but its nice to have the broom hanging inside and out of the way!

I also had all sorts of candle holders and salt and pepper shakers that had been put in there after holidays, that really could just be put with the holiday decor downstairs. So that stuff all went downstairs for later organization. (I try to stay on top of our basement storage organization, but it too gets a little crazy from time to time. Needless to say it could use some re-organization itself.)

Then I threw a trash bag of stuff away, which felt pretty good! :-)

Here are just a few before and after pictures of how messy it was and how I organized it.

So thats a little bit of spring cleaning that I got done over the weekend. I sure hope there's more to come because our house could really use it! ;-)