Monday, October 22, 2012

1st Birthday Party Sneak Peak!

I'm off work today and plan to spend the day with my 1 year old! :-) My sister found a fun Tot Skate at her local YMCA for toddlers, that we are taking the boys to this morning.

I haven't gotten around to going through or editing any of the pictures from Jackson's party, but  I hope to get to that tomorrow or sometime this week for sure. But I did take a couple phone pictures that I posted on Instagram, so I'll post them here for those of you that didn't see them. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We sure did!

My sister and I made these for the party. They were red chocolate dipped oreos, with mini oreos for the ears and just white icing for the buttons. They seemed to be a pretty big hit at the party.

Jackson with a giant Mickey Mouse at his party!

Papa pulling Jackson around in his new wagon with his Mickey Mouse ears on! :-)