Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012 - Part 3

I have just a couple more posts on our Christmas for you.  I'm blogging about Christmas morning today. This was our first year to get Jackson gifts, and actually have a real Christmas morning. Last year, he was only a couple of months old and had no idea what was going on. I'm not really sure he got what was going on this year either, but it was fun for him to open a few presents and get a present from Santa. ☺

In Jake's family, his mom always got each of her boys one big gift that she left unwrapped. This was their "Santa" gift. The rest of the gifts she bought them would be wrapped and they would be from her, but there was always one gift from Santa, even after they stopped believing. ☺

So we decided to carry on that tradition with Jackson.

Here he is seeing it for the first time. He didn't quite know what to think.

Jackson playing with his new toy!

Daddy showing him how it works.

After he played with that for a while, we showed him he had other gifts to unwrap.

Taking a little couch break from playing with all his new toys. ☺

All the fun toys he got Christmas morning.

And of course, he had to check out an ornament on the tree. 

So that was our fun little Christmas morning with Jackson. The first of many to come! 

I'll have our final Christmas post up tomorrow. ☺