Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Carnival Cruise/New Orleans 2019: Day 8

Friday was our last full day of vacation and our last day in New Orleans. We woke up and got ready to explore more of the city that day. Since we were leaving New Orleans that afternoon, we packed up our luggage and checked out of our room, but we were able to leave our stuff with the front desk at the hotel and leave our car parked there as well, which was great.

Since we were up and ready to go before we were supposed to meet everyone in our group, we decided to walk just down the street to Café Beignet for a second round of beignets! When in Rome New Orleans. They were so good at Café Du Monde, we thought we'd try another restaurant that served them. They were amazing at Café Beignet as well, though I think I may have liked the ones at Café Du Monde just slightly better. However, I liked the little café setting of Café Beignet better for sure. We had beignets, coffee and hot cocoa and we LOVED it all!

When we were done at Café Beignet, we walked over to where we were meeting our group. We had decided to get tickets for the street car and take that over to Lafayette Cemetery Number 1.

So interesting that a tree was growing out of this grave.

We spent a long while in the cemetery exploring before we took the street car back to the French Quarter. We walked around and did some more shopping before having lunch at Oceana Grill. The food was SO good!! Jake and I shared our two entrees. He got the Blacked Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and I got the Red Beans and Rice. Our friend Jim got two appetisers for us to try which were both amazing!! He got the Louisiana Crab Meat Cakes and Blackened/Fried Alligator. We were even able to trick the kids into trying the fried alligator. We just told them it was chicken nuggets and they both loved them! Ha! We did tell them what they actually ate and they couldn't believe how good it was for being alligator. I also had the La Boheme Crème Brulee for desert and it was excellent.

This cool door was right by our table at the Oceana Grill so I had to get a picture. ;-)

After lunch we did some more shopping before heading out of town at around 5:00 that evening.

We drove that night back to Jackson, MS to stay the night in the same hotel we stayed in on the way down. We ordered pizza in and just relaxed before going to bed. Saturday morning we left Jackson, MS and made the 8 hour drive the rest of the way back home to St. Louis. The rest of our group left New Orleans early Saturday morning and got back later that night. We left earlier so we could make it back for a trivia night at Jackson's school Saturday evening.

We had such a great time on the Cruise and in New Orleans!! If you'd like to read days 1-8 of our trip, you can click here to view them all. Thanks so much for following along!