Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Ice Cream Truck

If your kids are anything like mine, then you know that the sound of the ice-cream truck far off in the distance can make them scream with excitement like nothing else.

Saturday afternoon we were all outside with several of the neighborhood families. It was a nice day and we had been at baseball and soccer games all morning. The girls were in one back yard swinging and the boys were all playing in another back yard and with the first chime of the bell they all came running out to the street to see where the sound was coming from!

I can remember as a kid, hearing that wonderful sound and getting so excited. It really is such a fun childhood memory and one I love that my kids get to experience as well. Although, I will say the prices have gone WAY up since I was a kid, ha!!

Nonetheless, they were so excited and waited impatiently for the truck to come down our street! They all picked their popsicles out and enjoyed them while playing together. To say I love our street and all the friends we've made would be an understatement. These close friendships and memories are something I hope the kids will remember forever. They really are a blessing and something we hoped and prayed for when we were looking for a house.

It was a great Saturday afternoon treat, one I'm sure we'll be having more of as the weather gets nicer.