Friday, April 19, 2019


Last Friday I celebrated my 38th birthday. We didn't do anything too extravagant, but it was a relaxing and fun day spent with the people I love most.
I took the day off work and started the day getting the kids off to school. Then I had scheduled a facial for myself that morning at The Face & The Body. It was nice and relaxing and the perfect way to start off my birthday. I did a little shopping that morning as well before picking Avery up from school and then we met Jake for lunch at a local restaurant that we'd been wanting to try called The Barn.

Then Avery and I did a little more shopping for decorations for her birthday party before heading home. I did some photo editing while Avery played and then that evening, Jackson had a soccer game! I love watching him play so I was happy he had a game on my birthday!

After Jackson's soccer game, Jake and I and the kids met our neighbors across the street for dinner at Bartolino's. We hadn't been there before either, so it was fun to try two "new-to-us" restaurants that day, and both were very good!

It was such a nice day spent with my favorite people.