Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jackson's Big Boy Room

Around Jackson's 3rd birthday, I started thinking about re-decorating his room and giving him a "big boy" room. I started a pin board on pinterest (of course) and new I wanted to go with a car/transportation theme. He loves cars, so there was no question what the theme would be. :-) 

So after the holidays and our trip to Phoenix/California we finally had time to get busy on his room. I gathered everything I needed for the re-do and saved it until this past weekend. I didn't tell him we were going to re-do it, we just kept it a surprise for him. I had him spend the night with my parents Friday night and that same night, my dad came over to paint the room and help decorate some. Then Saturday we did the remainder of the decorating. Once we were done, we called my parents to have them bring Jackson back home and we did the big reveal! He was SO surprised!

I absolutely love the way it turned out! I just think it's so cute and fits him so perfectly! I never thought a race car/transportation bedroom would be so fun to decorate, but it was a lot of fun! I tried to use what I had and only bought a few items, mostly decorations. I got all the frames and decorations on sale. The only things I think I paid full price for were his bedding, book shelf and the rug and they were all very inexpensive. Then I sold his crib, bedding and rocker/glider, so I made a majority of the money I spent re-doing the room back. :-)

So without further adieu... here's his new bedroom!

The Corvette sign was my husband's and the fire truck painting was something Jackson made in pre-school. I explain where the rest of it came from at the bottom of this post.


(These blue bins are filled with all of his cars.)

(I think his favorite thing about his room is a tie between his race-car bed and this rug. He's been playing on it with his cars none-stop!)


A short video of his first reaction to his room!! It was so cute.

Wall Paint Color: Home Depot can do a color match if you bring something in for them to match. So I brought the pillow sham from the new bedding with me and they color matched it to the gray in the bedding. :-)
Bed: We found his twin-size race-car bed on Craigslist for about half the price of a new one!
Valances and Bunting: These were made by my sister and we found the fabric at Hobby Lobby.
Dresser and Nightstand: We already had these from his nursery so we didn't replace them. They were originally from
Frames: Some I had from his nursery and some I bought, but they were all from Michaels.
The Big Letter J: It was from Hobby Lobby and I spray-painted it green. I also painted a couple of the frames in his wall collage.
Shadow Box frame with cars: I made it from this idea on pinterest. I just bought a shadow box at Michaels and hot-glued 6 matchbox cars that we already had here at home onto some white cardstock. Jackson has so many cars I knew he would never miss them. I just picked six that would match the colors of the room. 
Prints: I made all of the prints in his room using this clip art from etsy and these ideas from Pinterest.
Train Table: We already had this and just left it in his room since it really went with the theme.
Bedding: I actually got his bedding from and it was very inexpensive.
Wall Canvas: Hobby Lobby
Red Shelf:
Blue Storage Bins on the Red Shelf: Target
Road Rug: Target 

And lastly... a picture of Jackson in his new bed the first night.