Monday, April 18, 2011


This past Saturday, Jake and our family gave me a Surprise 30th Birthday Party!!! I was told I was going out with my MIL and SIL's for my birthday, as we do for all our birthdays every year. But they blindfolded me and took me to the party instead. LOL. It was a wonderful party and I enjoyed it so very much. Here are some pictures from the party.

When I got out of the car, this was the first thing I saw!! Jake rented this giant blow up Dolphin for the party!! So sweet of him. (I love dolphins)

Jake was able to rent out The Knobbe House @ Brooks Park, for the party. Its an old historic home in Hazelwood, MO, near our home. It was beautiful and perfect!! I had seen it before but never knew you could have parties there.

This gazebo is to the right of the house.

This was the cake my sister made for the party and some of the "30" themed decorations.

My sister also made cupcakes to go along with the cake. They were so cute and yummy.

A cool picture my cousin took of the cupcakes.

 The gift table. :-) The pink and green basket in the middle was full of cards!

The food being served to the guests. (BBQ)

My MIL serving some of the food.

Me, in the bottom right, enjoying the food with some friends from church. (The centerpieces on each table were real tulips that I can now plant in my yard.)

Friends from my work, enjoying dinner.

Some friends of ours, Chris and his son Haven. Haven was really enjoying some Cheetos! :-)

My BIL Pat and my niece Bella. She was enjoying some Cheetos as well. :-)

My sister feeding her new niece Caroline.

My BIL Larry and SIL Amie, enjoying the party!

My mom and I. They were getting ready to sing happy birthday!

They were singing happy birthday!

Opening a card a co-worker friend made for me.

Opening gifts with my nephew Landon's help! :-)

It was such an amazing party and I can't thank my family and friends enough for making it so special!!