Saturday, June 29, 2013

Insta - Lately

Here are just a few pictures I thought I'd share from Instagram lately. If you don't already follow me, you can follow me by going here, I'm amyrs81.

Lots of flags for the 4th down by the arch. St. Louis has a great fair every year for the 4th of July with spectacular fire works.

I got Jackson a new patriotic binkie over the weekend so I put him in his patriotic jammies that night and snapped a picture!

Monday, having breakfast at Jack in the Box while we got an oil change in our car! I came prepared with lots of cars to keep him occupied. We also went for a walk while we waited. Glad I brought the stroller along as well!


Jackson playing in his pool Monday morning!

Jackson and I built a huge lego tower in Nursery Class last Tuesday night at church.

Last Friday driving home from work. Yay for the weekend!

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