Thursday, May 2, 2019

Avery's Rainbow-Themed 5th Birthday Party

Avery has been loving the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" lately, so I suggested to her an "Over the Rainbow" themed birthday party and she loved the idea! So we decided to run with that and it was so much fun! We invited all our close friends, family and neighbors to her party and had the party at the park around the corner from our house, just like we've done the last several years. The weather started out cold and rainy that day, but by party time, it had completely done a 180 and was sunny and in the upper 70's! Perfect for a rainbow party in the park.

You can find Avery's adorable rainbow dress here!

I found a majority of the decorations here at Target. They had a whole line of rainbow party themed decorations and they were perfect for her party! 

The cupcakes were from Walmart. They didn't have rainbow cupcakes like I wanted so I just ordered cupcakes with white icing and rainbow sprinkles and then bought the rainbow rings here on Amazon and added them to the cupcakes. They turned out so cute!!

The party was at 3:00, so we just served some snack-food. We had a "Build a Rainbow" Nacho Bar, a Rainbow Fruit tray and cupcakes for dessert. We also had beer and sweet tea for the adults to drink and then the little fruit flavored "hugs" for the kids! It was all so perfect for a rainbow party!

Then we had glass heart shaped bowls (from Dollar Tree) on each of the tables with Wild Berry Skittles in them for the centerpieces. Each of the tables had a different color of the rainbow table cloth on it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that I got a good picture of the other tables.

Avery got so many presents and she was SO excited about each and every one of them. She gasped with excitement while opening them all! She got an LOL doll and pet, some LOL bubbles, several adorable dresses, a Disney game, a kite, a few pair of shoes, some hair bows a little tea set and a Cinderella Lego Set to name a majority of her gifts. Somehow, I didn't get a picture of the present table with all the gifts on it, just the first two. :-( But regardless, she got a lot of great gifts and was so excited to open them!

 (My mother in law gets Avery a Birthday Angel Figurine every year to add to her collection! They're always so cute.)

After opening presents, we sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!!

The kids did a lot of playing on the playground, which was right next to the pavilion!

And the girls had fun playing with some of Avery's new toys!

As each of Avery's friends/cousins left her party, she handed out these adorable favors. I just tied 2 different rainbow lollipops (that I got from Party City) together, along with one of these rainbow tags from Target that matched the other rainbow decorations from there. Then Avery signed her name of the back of the tags. Here's a link to the 2 different lollipops... here and here.

I made all the little signs for the food on the computer and then printed them out and put them in these awesome frames from Ikea. I bought several of them last year for Avery's birthday party and have been happy to use them for any and all parties throughout the year. They've really come in handy.

It was such a fun party and so cute to put together! It was so much fun to watch Avery enjoy each and every moment of her party! Though it can be stressful at times planning these parties, it's all worth it to see how much each of my kids enjoy spending time with their friends and family and knowing they're all there to celebrate them.  

Happy Birthday to our "Sweet Sugar!" Our sassy, silly, spunky and smart 5 year old! I feel so incredibly blessed to be your mommy. You are an absolute joy, (most of the time, ha!) and I just love and adore you more and more each day! I can't wait to see what this new year brings for you. You'll be graduating pre-school later this month, going to several camps this Summer and then off to Kindergarten in the Fall! I can't hardly believe how quickly you've grown and I'm so very proud of you! I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!