Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jackson's First Day of 3 Year Old Pre-School

Jackson went back to Pre-School yesterday and had a great day. He was very excited to go and kept saying "Can we go now?" as we were getting ready yesterday morning. He was great at drop-off and his teachers said he had a good day! They said he was a little quiet and shy for a while but eventually came out of his shell. :-)

He went during the summer as well to keep him used to going. His school has different summer camps there every 2 weeks, so Jackson went to 3 of these 2-week long camps, 2 days a week. I think keeping him in the groove of school really helped the transition back to school this Fall and he had a lot of fun too. 
He is in the Star Class this year and because he and many of his classmates are either already 4 or are about to be 4, they will be spending a lot of their day alongside the Pre-K Rainbow class, but will have some circle and learning time just as Stars. 

His teachers' names are Ms. Becky and Ms. Cathy. Thankfully he's in his new class with his best friend from school, Gabe, since Gabe is just a month older than Jackson. :-)

I found this super cute idea for a Back to School printable and then just re-created it in pic-monkey to make it my own. I also found this little "First Day of Pre-School" questionnaire here. Jackson was so cute and excited to help me fill this out. We measured him and weighed him on our scale at home. Then I asked him the questions. He answered them almost exactly as I had expected he would. :-)

And here are a few other pictures from our quick photo session before going to school yesterday morning. (He picked his back-pack out all by himself and was pretty proud of it.) I had also got him a new outfit for his first day and he loved that it had dinosaurs on the shirt. :-)

I'm so glad he had a great first day and he already can't wait to go back tomorrow!!! He's getting so big and I'm so proud of him!