Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Biscuit Beignets

In honor of Mardi Gras, the kids and I made beignets over the weekend out of biscuits. They are super easy and SO good!

As a kid growing up, we made biscuit donuts on occasion and it was always such a fun treat. My mom would use a can of biscuits and cut a whole in the center of each one using a salt shaker lid (but I've used mini star or heart shaped cookie cutters as well, anything small will do.) Then she'd deep fry the donuts and donut holes in oil. We let them cool on a plate with a couple paper towels on it and then once they cooled, we covered them in powdered sugar. It was such a yummy treat!

When we were in New Orleans this past January, we had beignets for the first time and I couldn't help but think how much they reminded me of our biscuit donuts that we made as a kid. So I thought for Mardi Gras this year, I'd make the kids "biscuit beignets" since they loved the beignets so much in NOLA.

I just cut the biscuits into a rectangular shape like the beignets we had in New Orleans, and deep fried them the same way we always did as kids, and then covered them in powdered sugar. The kids loved helping make them and they also loved eating them of course!!!

Such a fun and yummy way to celebrate Mardi Gras weekend!