Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines Day Decorations

In the 3 years I've been married and had my own house, I've never really decorated for Valentines Day, but always wanted to. So since we got to go home a little early today because of the icy weather, I decided to decorate my table with mostly stuff I already had around the house. I did stop off at Schnucks to get a couple things and while I was there I picked up some heart shaped red hots for my centerpiece, a super cute heart shaped candy dish, some V-day m & ms and some V-day confetti for my table. I really want to do so much more, but this will have to be it for now. I know Target has some super cute stuff and I'd like to make a trip there this week to see if I can get a cute table runner and maybe some cute napkins/napkin rings, some V-day salt and pepper shakers and a dish towel. But with the impending bad weather the next 2 days, it may have to wait til the weekend. :-( This is what I came up with for now.

Our dining room table decorated for Valentines Day

Our bakers rack decorated for Valentines Day

This is my new Valentines Day candy dish.

This is a heart shaped tealight holder from PartyLite.

This is a frame I've had since Jake and I first started dating, in fact the picture in it is from 2002.

Well its Monday again...

I'm always sad to see the weekend go by so fast. I even had a three day weekend and it still went by super fast. It was a great weekend though...

Thursday night I volunteered at Stray Rescue of St. Louis after work. I walked dogs from around 5:30 p.m. til 11:00 p.m.. There are so many dogs that they've rescued from the cold and there wasn't a lot of help that evening, so we were there pretty late. I had a great time though, walking the cutest and sweetest dogs. I really wish people would do the right thing when it comes to their pets and take better care of them. I just hate to think of the poor, innocent dogs and cats out on the cruel streets. It just breaks my heart. :-( My prayer is that someday, in the near future, people will wake up and realize what treasures these loving animals are and stop treating them so badly. I think the more education people get about pets, the better things will get.

Friday was my "Friday off" from work. I work 9 hour days and have every other Friday off. So I spent the day with my Mom, Sister, Grammy and nephew Landon. Then when all the guys got off work, we all had dinner at my parents' house. We had a nice evening.

Saturday, Jake and I were in a bowling tournament that my work has every year. We didn't bring home a win, but had a lot of fun anyways, which is really what matters. Then Saturday night I cleaned the house and Jake went to the grocery store. He also fixed dinner and we watched a movie. It was a nice evening.

Sunday we went to church, then had lunch with my parents at Las Fuentes (a yummy Mexican restaurant close to our house). After lunch my parents spent the afternoon with us at our house, just watching t.v. and relaxing.

After my parent's left I made some cookies and Jake and I started watching season 1 of Lost on Netflix. We watched the first couple seasons of Lost back when it was first on, but we lost interest after the second season. Now that the show is over, we thought we'd go back and try to watch all 6 seasons since we really want to know what happened. We had forgotten so much of what happened that we decided to just start at the beginning. Its going to take us a while to get through all 6 seasons, but we'll just watch an episode here and there and we'll get through them eventually.

With the bad winter storm in the forecast for the next couple days, we may get more episodes watched than we thought. The weather men are predicting 1/2" to 1" of ice and then 4-6+ inches of snow on top of the ice. Their warning about power outages and very little to no travel. So theres a chance we could be snowed in for a day or 2. Hoping and praying it doesn't end up being as bad as they're saying and I'm really hoping we don't have any power outages, especially since they're saying Wed. night the temp. is supposed to drop to 5 degrees and the Thurs. the low is predicted to be 0 degrees. Ugh, I'm soooo ready for Spring!!!