Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Avery's 12th Month


On April 28th you turned 1 year old! 

You are such a big girl, I can't believe it! You had your 1 year check-up at the doctor on Monday and you weighed 21 lbs. 14 ozs. (77th percentile) and you're 31 inches tall (95th percentile)! You had to get 3 shots and you handled them like a boss. You cried right when she gave them to you but didn't cry for very long. Big brother tried cheering you up by blowing raspberries for you to make you laugh and it seemed to help. SO SWEET! (He thought of that all on his own!)

You are wearing 18 month clothes with a couple 24 month things thrown in.

Shoe Size
Size 4 

Size 4

You still have 6 teeth total. 4 on top and 2 on bottom.

Light Brown Hair (it keeps getting lighter and lighter) and brown/gray eyes.

You had been waking up once during the night for a bottle, but in the last two weeks or so, you have been sleeping straight through the night and it's been wonderful. You usually go to sleep between 8 and 9 and you generally sleep until 9 or even 10 the next morning! Heaven!!

You seem to have gotten your appetite back this last week or so. You have been eating all table food now. No more baby food for you big girl. You love pancakes, toaster sticks, peanut butter sandwiches, macaroni, yogurt, apples... well there really isn't much you won't eat. You will try anything and depending on your mood, you will chow down or sometimes you'll spit it out. Sometimes you'd rather play with your food than eat it and you always eat better if you are able to feed yourself. You generally get one 10oz. bottle of whole milk right before bed and then whole milk and/or water in your sippy cup throughout the day. You drink from a sippy cup and straw very well for only just turning one.

Favorite Toys
You got a baby doll for your birthday and that has been a favorite these past couple days. You love on her and pat her on the back. It's the cutest thing ever!

You have been fully walking for a couple months now and even try to run. You can climb the stairs (with assistance of course). You can play peek-a-boo, give high fives, clap your hands, wave bye bye, raise your hands up when we say "so big", you dance to music or just when we say dance Avery.  You try to jump when we say jump and you mimic me if I rub my hands together with lotion. You shake your head yes and no. I may or may not have taught you to shake your head yes when I ask you if you're Momma's girl. ;-)

You say Momma, Dada, Papa, Uh Oh, Nigh Night and Bye Bye/Baba and you even say Brother.

You have a sweet and silly personality, but you don't shy away from letting us know what you want. You are a bit spoiled, so if you don't get what you want you tend to throw a fit. Ha. We really need to work on nipping that right away. You can be so sweet though. You are a momma's girl for sure and you don't really like to be left alone for even a minute or two.  You also adore your big brother. When you go with Maw Maw to pick him up from school, you always run over to him when he comes out of his classroom and you give him a big hug. You make me laugh all the time and can make some of the silliest faces! (Like the one below!)

Well I think that about covers your 12 month update! I love you more than words can say Pretty Girl.
-Mommy xoxo