Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Little Soccer Player

We signed Jackson up for a Spring Soccer league here in our school district. He's never played organized soccer or even played for fun. He's never even really watched it on t.v., so it was pretty new to him. 

It was 4 weeks with games every Saturday morning from 9:00-9:45. The first half of each Saturday was just practice and then the second half they actually played a game against another team in the league. 

The first few games were a little iffy for Jackson. He didn't seem all that interested and didn't really seem like he wanted to be there. Jake worked with him in the back yard a few times and then finally his last game was a huge improvement. He got the ball several times, interacted with the other kids on his team and really seemed to come out of his shell and enjoy himself. I'm really kind of sad it's over because I feel like he was just starting to get the hang of it. Hopefully we can get him in a league in the Fall and see if he continues to like it. 

I brought along my "big girl" camera this past Saturday for his last game to try and get some good shots of him playing and I'm so glad I did. He did such a great job and we're so proud of him!

First up was practice... just look at that smile!

A little pre-game pep-talk!

Now on to the game!

My adorable little soccer player!