Monday, November 9, 2015

Jackson's 4th Birthday Party

Several months back, when we were first talking about Jackson's 4th birthday, he said he wanted a Halloween birthday party at a park! So we tried very hard to make that happen for him.

We ended up having his party on Halloween and did in fact have a Halloween Themed birthday party... costumes and all. We called around to several parks to try and rent a pavilion, but were unable to reserve anything for that day, and quite frankly, I was a bit concerned with how the weather would cooperate for a party at the park in late October. So we then tried to reserve a room at a couple of different city community centers, but they were all booked up as well! Since we are renovating the house and the condo is way too small for a party, that just wasn't an option for us, so we finally decided to just have it outside on our church parking lot. My plan was to tell everyone to bring the kids bikes and we'd have soup and hot dogs and have a hay ride and then have washers games for the adults. Then as Saturday approached the chance for rain that day kept going up and up!! :-( I was so sad to have to move it inside, but just didn't want to risk it. I still told the parents to bring the kids bikes in case the rain cleared out in time for the party and we just had the party in the dining hall at our church. It worked out perfectly after all and the rain did hold off for the kids to have some time outside on their bikes!

All the kids and several adults dressed up in their Halloween costumes. I decorated for the party with Halloween decorations and we served soup for the adults and mummy-dogs for the kids! Jake and his mom made all the food and my sister made the cup-cakes! It was such a fun party, I almost hope he wants a Halloween Party every year from now on. It was so easy to find stuff this time of year! 

Jackson had a great party with lots of our friends and family. I'm always so thankful for all the people in our lives that love us and our kids and always make time to spend with us for a birthday celebration! It means so much to us!

Here are a few pictures from the party! 

I found a majority of the decorations at Target and Michaels. The centerpieces were an idea I found on Pinterest and put together at the last minute when we decided to move the party indoors. It's just a glass bowl filled with orange cheese balls and I found the jack-o-lantern stickers face at Target. :-) We used Jackson's "Blaze and the Monster Machines" pumpkin as decoration as well. :-) The banner over the food was from the $1 bin at Target. It was just a brown cardboard banner and the orange letters were sticky on the back. They were in the Target $1 bin as well. I spelled out Jackson on it and then we had an extra spot left where we turned one of the left-over letters into a 4! Ha.

After we ate, sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes, played a little game of pin the spider on the web and Jackson opened all of his gifts, we decided to let the kids go out and ride their bikes. Jake had gone to get Jackson's new power wheels car that we had gotten him for his birthday and he also brought his bike along too. He and Avery rode around in the car for as short time and then Jackson decided he wanted to ride his bike. So all the kids took turns riding/driving his car around the parking lot. Thankfully there was a break in the rain for Jackson's party and the kids had plenty of time outside before it started sprinkling again. I think all the kids really enjoyed the party and had a lot of fun!