Friday, June 1, 2012

Jackson is 31 Weeks Old!

I'm so far behind on posting this. A week behind actually. Jackson is now 32 weeks old as of yesterday. 

He had a couple big milestones in his 31st week. He began crawling on his hands and knees on his 31 week birthday. And pretty much simultaneously, he began pulling up on EVERYTHING!! The couches, his little toy box, even the kitchen trash can (which didn't go so well). He loves to be standing up!! I guess it makes him feel big. Here are his 31 week pictures.

I just love his big smile in this picture.

Like I've said recently, these pictures are getting super hard to take. Gone are the days that I would lay him down on the blanket/fabric and he'd just lay there and smile at me. Now, as soon as I lay him down, he is flipped over and crawling away as fast as his little hands and knees will take him. But, we have to keep trying. We have 21 more weeks to go and then I plan on just taking a monthly picture. Which will be a little easier.


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