Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Night Fun

The Friday before Easter, the weather was actually quite nice. I worked that day, but when I got home, I took Jackson outside to play in our backyard for a little while, before it got dark. I got some practice in with my new 50mm lens and I'm really loving it. I also practiced using the Manual mode on my camera.  I must say, I think I may be slowly but surely getting the hang of it. I still have so much to learn, but practicing always makes me a little more confident. ☺ Here are a bunch of pictures I took that night, mostly of Jackson and a few of the fur-babies! ☺ 

Have a GREAT weekend!

I think this is probably my favorite of that evening. ☺ I just adore his blue eyes!

Max is the baby of our fur-baby bunch. ☺

Libby, our sweet girl. She was the first dog we got, but she's the middle fur-baby according to age.

Hunter, our oldest fur-baby.

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