Thursday, June 13, 2019


Last night was amazing!! The Blues finally won the Stanley Cup and the city of St. Louis is overflowing with excitement!! 

I'm not what you would call a "hockey fan." I don't really watch sports on a regular basis. I grew up watching football mostly and that's the sport Jake is most passionate about. However, I am a St. Louis fan. I was born and raised in St. Louis and I'll always cheer for my city. So when either of our teams are playing whether it be the Cardinals or the Blues I'm going to cheer them on. 

So when the Blues made it to the play-offs this year, we were all excited and have been watching every game we could. Several nights we got together with our neighbors and watched the game in our neighbor's drive-way. On Memorial Day our neighbor brought his t.v. over and we watched the game pool-side. It's been an amazing series, one we won't ever forget. It's been fun for the kids too. They've fallen asleep several nights watching the Blues game and I've had to tell them the final score the next morning! Ha. So when the Blues made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 49 years we were ecstatic! 

We even cheered the Blues on while we were in Florida 2 weeks ago!!

Sunday night was game 6 and it was in St. Louis. We were just sure they were going to win it all that night! So we had a party at our neighbors and we were all so dissapointed when they lost!

They still had one last chance to win it all last night in Game 7 and they DID!!! They brought home the Stanley Cup for the first time ever!!! We had some friends over last night to watch the game and it was such a great game to watch. We were up 2-0 after the first period and ended up winning 4-1! To say the city is excited would be an understatement! It is GLORIOUS!!! One of our local radio stations is playing Gloria (the Blues theme song) all day long today for 24 hours! It makes me so proud to live in St. Louis! #LGB #playgloria