Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our First Snow of the Season

We had the first accumulative snow this past Saturday. We didn't get much, in fact some parts of St. Louis didn't get any at all. We were "lucky" enough to get about a half inch or so... just enough to put a nice thin blanket on the ground. Thankfully, it didn't even stick to the sidewalks or the roads. :-) 

To say Jackson and Avery were excited to see it snowing, would be an understatement. Jackson really wanted snow for Christmas, but it was in the 50's here for Christmas. I wasn't complaining but I know he really wanted a White Christmas. So needless to say, a 10-15 minute play date, with what little snow we got, was definitely in order.

I bundled the kids up and took them over into a big open field right across the street from our condo building. There was plenty of room for them to run around and throw snowballs!

We had a lot of fun with the little bit of snow we got. It was just the right amount in my opinion. Ha. :-)