Thursday, November 3, 2016

Walt Disney World Vacation || Part 5

Wednesday was a full day at the Magic Kingdom (so this post will be a little heavy on the pictures.) After the long day we had on Tuesday, we slept in a little and got to the Magic Kingdom a little later that day. We took the boat over from our hotel and that was a fun little ride. :-)

We rode a few rides when we got there... It's a Small World being one of them. One of my favorites!

And another favorite of mine... The Haunted Mansion. We also rode Peter Pan's Flight and a few other rides as well.

Then we got a spot on Main Street for the Festival of Fantasy Parade.
Another suggestion for those of you with small children is to get a spot early for the parades. We usually got to Main Street an hour before each parade to save our spot. The little ones can't see if you don't get right up close and you'll be holding them the entire time if you don't get a spot early. The characters like to interact with the kids too, so it's nice to be up close to get that interaction with them. So a couple of us would go get a spot early and the other two would take the kids to see the show at the castle or go ride another ride or 2 so they weren't sitting there for too terribly long.

While we waited, we got a few pictures in front of the castle. All day I said I wanted to get a picture of the 4 of us in front of the castle and I'm SO disappointed that we never did. Either Avery was napping or for one reason or another we never made it happen, but we did get these, which are cute anyways.

We also got ice-cream while we waited, which was yummy!

We were so excited when the parade started!!

She waived at everyone, it was so cute!

It was hard to keep Avery contained sometimes because she was so excited. She wanted to be right out there with the characters. :-) My mom had to grab onto her shirt to keep her close, ha!

After the parade, we went to ride a few more rides!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was really cute!

Another favorite was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Jackson had seen it on a Disney Jr. commercial and had been wanting to ride it, so I knew we'd need a fast pass so we could ride it for sure. He loved it. Just look at the smile on his face.

BTW... since we were an odd number, Jake had to ride with a stranger. Ha.

Later that evening, Jake got us a spot for the Electrical Parade, Celebrate the Magic and the Fireworks while I took Jackson to ride Space Mountain... again. Gosh, he just would not let it go all day. Ha. He loves that ride and even if you ask him now, he'll say that was his favorite ride.

While we were on Space Mountain, it rained, which caused the parade to be postponed about 20 minutes or so, but it was worth the wait. The week after we were there was the last time they had the Electrical Parade. So I'm so glad we got to see it.

My favorite part of the fireworks show. Tinker Bell flying down from the castle. My picture isn't great, but I'm glad I got it nonetheless.

Poor Jackson was so tired from all the activities of the day that he fell asleep on Daddy's shoulders while we were watching the fireworks. Ha. Now that's tired.

After the fireworks, we went to grab a bite to eat and ride a few more rides. My mom, dad and I took Avery on the Under the Sea Ride which was super adorable! I loved it. We also rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train again, since my parents didn't get to ride it earlier in the day and we wanted to try riding it at night.

While my parents rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I took Avery over to ride the carousel. She loved it and looked so adorable.

After getting off the carousel, I noticed that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were still available to meet and get pictures with and there was a very short wait. Since Avery isn't really into the princesses yet, I hadn't made this a priority, but since we were there, I asked her if she wanted to meet them and she said yes, so we made it happen and I'm SO glad we did. Cinderella is my all time favorite character, so that moment of Avery meeting Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty came in at a close second favorite moment from this trip, after her meeting Doc McStuffins. Avery was just so stinking cute and both princesses were just so sweet with her!! Avery listened intently while they talked to her and gave them both such sweet hugs. My mom and I were both just a puddle of mush. It was just so sweet.

It was definitely the perfect ending to our magical day at the Magic Kingdom!

There's a few more Disney Posts to come, so stay tuned.
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