Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Weekend of the Flu :-(

Our weekend was kind of crazy. It started Friday morning. My mom got to my house to watch Jackson while I went to work. When she got there, she said that my sister and my nephew Landon had been throwing up all night and Ashlee really needed her to come over and help her out with Mason (my sister's 4 month old) because she just didn't have the strength to take care of him. She thought it might be food poisoning since only her and Landon had it and they had eaten at the same place for lunch earlier that day. So since Jackson had a Dr. appointment for later that day and I was leaving work early for that, I told my mom to go ahead and go and I'd just take the whole day off.

So I spent the day Friday with Jackson, which was fun, as always. I took him to his Dr. appointment and ran to Babies R Us to pick up a few things. Later that evening we went downtown to The Old Spaghetti Factory for my cousin's 20th birthday dinner. We had a great time and great food and Jackson did so great. All the waitresses wanted to take him home with them, ☺

Then Saturday, I woke up bright and early to go to a big children's sale over in Illinois. We actually ended up going to 2 big kids sales that day! I got several outfits for Jackson for this summer and only spent around $26!!

Then we went to lunch and then to a few other stores. On our way to my sister's house (who was now feeling much better after having been sick the day before) Jackson threw up in his car seat. He had been just fine all day and I had even commented on how good he was being. He slept all thru Walmart!! My mom was in the back seat with him and she said "Oh he's spitting up, A LOT"!!!! I didn't realize how much it was til we got to my sisters and I saw it for myself. It was much more than spit up. I had to take his whole car seat apart and wash every piece of it. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but thought maybe it was from the shots he had gotten the day before, or from him falling asleep before we could burp him, or I thought it might be a reaction to the carrots he had eaten for the first time. I didn't really ever dream it was the flu.

A little later at my sister's, I was putting his car seat all back together again and my mom was feeding Jackson a bottle. After feeding him, he burped just fine and was sitting on my mom's lap, happy as can be when all of a sudden, he threw up again! It was like the whole bottle! I was so shocked to see this that I just froze. It went all over him and my mom! :-( It was a little scary seeing that much come out. So I cleaned him up and called the doctor's exchange line. The doctor said he thought it was probably just the flu bug and to give him pedialite throughout the evening and night. (I guess what my sister and nephew had was probably not food poisoning, but the flu. We must have all been exposed to it at some point.) He said if he kept that down, we could try formula in the morning. So thats what we did and thankfully, he didn't throw up any more than those 2 times.  The weird thing was, he never ran a fever or even acted sick other than the throwing up and sleeping more than normal. He was happy and smiling all through it. So thats what made me think it wasn't the flu at first. I'm so glad he's better and keeping everything down now.

Sunday, we stayed home from church because of Jackson, and we just watched TV and I did some cleaning around the house.

Now its back to work today. Hope you all had a great weekend and I'm praying none of the rest of us get this stupid flu bug going around!!!