Friday, September 2, 2016

Five on Friday


Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Christina, April and Natasha for Five on Friday!

 This past Sunday, there was a church near our house that had a "Touch a Truck" event. They had several big trucks and vehicles, including a helicopter that we could touch and learn about. We had a lot of fun so I thought I'd share a few pictures.

We recently got new blinds for our basement family room. There are 5 long windows down there which I love, but the morning sunlight shines right in these windows and if you're sitting on the couch, you get blinded by the sun. I knew I didn't want to do just regular blinds. I wanted it to look nice and I wanted it to be something that would hold up. So I thought about it and looked around and we ended up finding these nice faux wood blinds from Walmart of all places. It took me going to 3 different stores to get the 5 sets that I needed, but I got them all and my dad hung them up and they look so nice.

Last week, we got both kids new bikes. It was a late birthday present for Avery since we never actually got her anything (parents of the year) and an early birthday present for Jackson. Avery didn't have a bike and is just really big enough to ride one and Jackson has outgrown his bike so we decided we'd go ahead and get them now so they have time to ride them before it gets cold. They both love their new bikes.

Our magic bands for our Disney World trip came this past Saturday!! We only have 21 more days until we leave!! I can't wait.

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to a Paw Patrol Toddler Time Event at Sky Zone. It was SO much fun. The kids and I brought Maw Maw along too and we all had a great time! It was the first time Jackson or Avery had been there and they had a blast. They both loved jumping on the trampolines. They had Paw Patrol themed music playing, paw patrol themed crafts and 3 of the Paw Patrol were there to meet and greet the kids. Chase, Marshall and Skye were there! Jackson went right up to them all and gave them all a hug. He stood and took pictures with them and loved every minute of it. Avery squealed with delight when she saw them and was very impatient in line to meet them, but when it got to be our turn, she was a little apprehensive. She would say hi from afar and even got brave enough to give Skye a five, but she wouldn't give them a hug and she didn't want to take a picture with them. I figured she'd be a little nervous around them, so I was happy she did as well as she did! It was a great time and we are all registered for their next Toddler Time event this month, which is Mickey Mouse themed!! Just in time for our Disney Trip.