Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jackson is 21 Weeks Old!

Jackson is 21 weeks this week. He'll be 5 months old in just3 more days! Its so hard to believe its been 5 months already.

Last night I gave him peas for the first time. He's loved the carrots and sweet potatoes he's had so far, but he didn't care too much for the peas. He ate them, but he made a face almost everytime he had a bite.We'll try them again tonight and see how they go.

He's still loving being on his back on the floor, playing on his play mat. He's still rolling from his back to his belly and still hasn't figured out how to get back onto his back. He seems to be liking tummy time a little more now though.

He's still sleeping good. Mostly going to bed at around 9, waking up at around 2 or 3 to eat, then going back to sleep and sleeping til 6 or 7. A couple nights this week he slept straight through the night! Mommy was pretty happy about that! He still takes about 3 naps during the day. He's a pretty great sleeper and I'm so thankful for that.

He's been stiffening out his legs a lot lately. He must have great leg and ab muscles. He keeps them stretched out for long periods of time too. You can see in his pictures for this week that his legs are all stiffened out... too funny!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!