Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with Darci, Natasha, April and Christina for Five on Friday!

We are moving right along with Jackson's big boy room. We have his race car bed bought, I've got his bedding and a red book shelf ordered. I have a few prints made up that I plan to frame and my sister has his two valances and bunting made!! I've also bought a few other decorations here and there that we plan to use. So next Friday night, Jackson will be spending the night with my parents and my Dad is going to come over and help paint his room. Then Saturday, we are going to put his bed and shelf together and decorate his room and surprise him with it Saturday afternoon/evening when he gets back home!

Last Friday I took Jackson and Avery to my parents house for my mom to watch them there while I was at work and Jackson decided to wear his stylish blue sunglasses with his dinosaur hat! It was too cute not to take a picture! Though it's quite blurry, I love it anyways.

I saw this quote on facebook this week and really liked it. It's such a good reminder in this Pinterest/Social Media day in age!

I read this blog post the other day from Finding Joy and loved it so much. It's titled "When you Feel Like You Don't Make a Difference... Remember This" It's such a great reminder for us Moms and may have made me tear up a bit.

I finished up Jackson's 3 year "scrapbook" a week or so ago and got it ordered finally. Better late than never since his birthday was in October!! I love it and can't wait til it arrives in the mail.