Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Boy and His Dog(s)

People always ask me how Jackson and our three dogs get along together, and the answer is... they get along great! I always hoped Jackson would love dogs as much as Jake and I do and I think there's no question that he does.

When Jackson was a baby, we kept him separate from the dogs to eliminate the dog hair from getting all over him, but we would occasionally let the dogs smell him and get used to him. As he got older, we would integrate them a little bit more, and now that he's walking, they spend much more time together. 

We taught him early on to be gentle with the dogs and have tried teaching the dogs to be gentle with him. This has gone very well and we've had no problems, aside from the dogs running by and knocking him down on occasion. Libby, (the dog in all of these pictures) lets him climb all over her, not moving a muscle. She is such a gentle dog. The other 2 dogs tolerate him ;-) and he just adores all 3 of our dogs.
 (Some of these pictures are a bit blurry as its hard to get pictures of a toddler and a dog together without one of them moving. Ha!)

I taught him to hug the dogs and now everytime he's around them, he lays his head on one of them and says awww. Its the cutest thing ever!

He even hugs a dog magnet we have on the refrigerator and says awww.

Last night we were downstairs and Libby was laying on the dog bed. He went right over to her and sat on her bed with her. Of course, by the time I got my camera, he had already moved on to something else... playing in her kennel. I did get a couple pictures of that. :-)

So I think its pretty safe to say, he and the dogs will be the best of friends, and that makes me so happy.