Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

So as all of you know, yesterday was the Great American Solar Eclipse. Living in St. Louis, MO we were super close to totality so it was quite the event around here. I had been looking forward to it for months and it didn't disappoint. It was AMAZING to say the least.

Jackson's school really went all out. They had t-shirts for sale leading up to the day and they invited us parents up to watch the eclipse with our kiddos. Jake had to work, but my mom, Avery and I went up there at around 1:00. Totality was at 1:18 so that gave us plenty of time to get there and settled.

Jackson's class gearing up for the eclipse.

They had glasses for us and another mom in his class had made the glasses for the class even safer by adding a paper plate to them so that they couldn't look over their glasses by accident. Jackson loved it and just stared up at the sky for most of the time. He didn't say a lot, just soaked it all in I guess.

It was such an amazing experience and one I won't soon forget. As the moon moved closer over the sun, you could see such cool reflections of the sun if you went under a shade tree.

You can see them here too where Avery was sitting.

Avery didn't really understand what was going on, but she looked up a few times wearing the special glasses with my help and thought it was pretty cool.

I brought my camera along with my 70-300mm lens. I didn't have any special gear so I just took pictures during totality, but I'm pretty happy with the couple that I got. :-)

It was an amazing event and one I will not soon forget. It got so dark that we heard the crickets and locusts start to make their evening noises and the dusk to dawn lights all came on outside the school.

Yesterday evening Jackson's teacher sent me this cool picture of him. It was such an amazing day!