Monday, January 4, 2016

Teddy Bear Christmas Land

A couple weeks before Christmas, we stumbled upon this house that is only a couple of minutes from our new house. We had no idea it even existed in St. Louis, but it is amazing!! The owner of the home has been setting up a lights and teddy bear display at his home for 24 years now! He calls it Teddy Bear Christmas Land and people stop by from all over the city to see it. It's so very cool. I found this article here on CBS St. Louis that talks all about it. The owner also dresses up as Santa and sits on his porch to take pictures with kids and pass out candy canes. Neither of our kids would even think about taking a picture with Santa, but we said hi and he gave the kids candy canes anyways. Most importantly, he takes donations for the St. Patrick Center Homeless Charity here in St. Louis. It was just so neat to see and it's for such a good cause! We're so happy we found it and that it is just minutes from our new house!