Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Weekend Via My iPhone

Friday night, I picked up the kids from Maw Maw and Papa's house (my parents) and headed home. It had rained non-stop all week and the kids had been cooped up in the house. So since there was a little break in the rain Friday evening, I took the kids on a little wagon ride adventure. We went searching for puddles to jump in. :-) We headed up to the park and there happened to be a big puddle up there. So we splashed around in that for a while and then played on the playground for a little while as well.

After jumping in muddy puddles, we headed home to take a bath. After bath-time, I got the kids in their jammies and then we decided to run to Schnucks for a few quick things. Jackson saw that they had tiny shopping carts for kids last time we were there and I promised him he could push one the next time we went. So he was super excited to push his very own tiny shopping cart!

Saturday my sister and brother-in-law moved, so during the morning and early afternoon Jake went over to help with the heavy lifting while the kids and I went to the pool with my mother-in-law and niece. After spending the day in the pool, I left the kids with my MIL and Jake and headed over to my sister's new house to help unpack her kitchen. :-)

Here are a few pictures from the pool. (It was Avery's first time swimming and she loved it!)

Jackson got brave and started jumping in, as long as we were there to catch him of course. ;-)

Then Sunday we celebrated Father's Day by going to church and then going to my Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch. We had a great time and the kids even got to play in the sprinkler for a little while. After spending time with family there, we headed home for a relaxing evening of doing a whole lot of nothing... something we very rarely ever get to do.

First picture: Myself, my Dad and my Sister - Second Picture: My Mom, Papa, Sister and Myself
 Bottom Pictures: Jake and each of our kids.

My husband happens to be a KC Royals fan (He was born in KC, but has lived here in the STL a majority of his life, yet he loves the Chiefs and the Royals.) so the kids and I got him this Royals Jersey for Father's Day! :-)

I happened to be off work yesterday and we spent a majority of the day just hanging out at home. It was nice to not have any appointments or errands to run. :-)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.