Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

Sadly enough, my 8 weeks of maternity leave ended yesterday as I went back to work and had to leave this pretty girl at home with Maw Maw.

 It went better than expected and we're trying to get back into our routine. Thankfully, Jackson went to Vacation Bible School every day last week, which started at 9 a.m., so that was a good way of easing back into a morning routine. 
(Jackson's first day of Vacation Bible School)

Avery is sleeping really well through the night, only waking up once between 4-6 to eat a bottle and then she goes back to sleep until around 8 or 9! So that's super helpful because both Jackson and Avery are asleep while I'm getting ready for work! That makes life a whole lot easier for me. Just hopefully this schedule continues! Anyone with a baby knows that their sleep patterns can change in an instant.

Avery sleeps great at night, however, she doesn't take very good naps. :-( So in the evenings when she's fussy, I have been putting her in the stroller and taking her and Jackson for a walk up to the park. She loves being outside and going for walks and will often fall asleep, so its a win win because it calms her down and it lets Jackson get rid of some energy!

So hopefully now that things are sort of back to normal, I'll be blogging a little bit more often. I have a lot to share from the time I've had off with the kids. We tried to do as many fun things as possible and hope to continue that the rest of the summer with some fun things we have planned. :-)