Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

We took Jackson and Avery to see Santa Claus last night at the mall. I was unsure how they would do because Jackson wasn't too excited about him last year. But, much to my surprise, they both did great! Jackson was a little nervous at first, but we started talking to Santa and Jackson warmed up to him pretty quick. He told Santa that he wanted a Dinosaur Train toy, a blue bike and the Mickey's Castle toy that he's been wanting for quite a while. It was super cute. He also told Santa that Avery wanted baby girl toys and he wanted big boy toys. :-) Avery sat right on Santa's lap and smiled for the camera several times. After about 8-10 shots, we finally got one where they were both looking at the camera and somewhat smiling. I call that a win!!

P.S. Avery was making this face all evening. I think she feels a tooth coming in and keeps doing this with her mouth to feel the new tooth. Ha. She also made the same face when I was taking her picture later in the food court as we were eating dinner. :-)