Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lets Talk Tattoos Link Up


I'm linking up with Melanie today for her Lets Talk Tattoos Link up.

I have 3 tattoos!

I got my first tattoo in 2004. A few ladies here at work were planning to go get a tattoo, so since I had been thinking about getting one, but would never do it on my own, I decided to join them. We went on a Sunday afternoon. I love dolphins and had the tattoo I wanted already planned out. It turned out perfect and I love it. The colors are still so vibrant today, 8 years later.

They are on my lower/middle back. ☺

The very next summer, one of the same co-workers of mine decided she wanted to get another tattoo. So I said would go too and get a paw print on the inside of my left ankle. :-) I love animals and had just gotten my dog Libby a month before, so I got the paw print for my love of animals (dogs especially).

Then after my Grammy passed away last year, my cousin thought we should all go get tattoos of a hummingbird in honor of her. She loved hummingbirds. My sister and I were pregnant at the time, so we waited and went with my mom to get our hummingbird tattoos. We went on the 1 year anniversary of her death. (April 21st) My mom got hers on the inside of her ankle and my sister and I got ours on the top of our foot. We also incorporated her "grammy" signature. I had a birthday card that she had signed "grammy" and I took it to the tattoo artist to incorporate in the tattoo. It turned out really cool. I love it. I do have to say, that this tattoo hurt more than the other two I have. The top of your foot is so thin skinned and tender. Ouch! But it was worth it. ☺